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Walking Bass Wed. Episode 1

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Two Measure Walking Bass Patterns: R 3 4 #4 | 5 4 3 R

What’s up my friend? For this month I want to use “Take the A Train” as a vehicle to explore walking bass patterns.

I’ve found that breaking songs down into smaller chunks all allow me to learn the song in a more complete way. In this episode we’ll focus on the first four measures.

The first 4 measures of this tune are :

||C maj 7 | C maj 7 | D7 | D7 ||

1. Scale (mode) shapes to know:

C major and D mixolydian

2. The Pattern

This two measure pattern starts on the Root  (of each chord) on beat one and is followed by the major 3rd on beat two, perfect 4th on beat three, sharp 4 (a chromatic tone) on beat four.

The chromatic note provides tension that is relieved by the 5th of the chord on beat one of the second measure which is 5 4 3 1.


You can replace the last note of bar 2 with a chromatic note from above or below the root of the next chord.

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